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7th Theater: 3(A)
Instructor: Carter, Logan   

Instructor:  Mrs. Logan Carter      970-925-3760 x1022     


Welcome!! 7th grade theatre begins to focus on interpretation and performance as students gain more in-depth understanding of theatrical elements, principles, and conventions and develop your acting skills. We will begin to examine scripts, learn basic acting techniques and explore aspects of technical theatre. Through reading scripted materials, students analyze characters, study dialogue and design stage movements to solve theatrical problems. Through research, creative thinking, problem solving and improvisation, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful in theatre, and also begin to develop self-discipline required to accomplish long and short-term goals.

All About ME Poster Project!
Parents, please feel free to help your student with this project. We are also collecting any old magazines that you dont want or need anymore- please have your student bring them to class THIS Thursday. Thanks!

7th Grade Theatre


Due: Monday, October 14th, 2013


You will be creating an All About Me poster.  I will give each student the poster board for their collage.  This will be graded so your personal best is expected.  Take your time and have fun with it!


Your poster must have the following:

ü  Your first and last name spelled out with magazine letters

ü  3 or more PERSONAL pictures on your poster (one has to be of YOU)

ü  Several Images (from magazine or personal photo) to represent your family, your hobbies, your pets, your friends, your passions, your interests, your goals, your dreams)

ü  Several words cut out that describe YOU or things you do/like.


You may include:

·      Pictures of you, your family and friends, or pets

·      Use Titles, Subheads, and Captions

·      Drawings of your experiences

·      Magazine pictures of your hobbies/ things related to you

·      Anything about YOU!  Be creative!


You will PRESENT your poster to the class on Monday, Oct. 14 and you will describe the poster, in detail. Why you chose certain words or images from magazines, show pictures. You will be graded on confident delivery, loud and clear voice, posture and eye contact. Engage your audience! Tell us about YOU!


You will be graded on four categories:


Neatness/ Creativity                                   15 points

Participation in class                                 10 points

Completed on time                           5   points

Presentation of poster                                20 points


Total Score Possible           50 points



 Email me with any questions:


Welcome to 7th Grade Theatre!
 I am thrilled to be the new Theatre teacher at AMS and AHS and have some exciting plans in the works for us this year! Please see the FILES section for digital versions of all documents passed out in class. You will find the Guidelines and Expectations there now. Can't wait to meet you all and get started on a year of DRAMA! :)
Discussion Topics
 7th Grade Theatre Guidelines.pdf
7th Grade Theatre Class Guidelines and Expectations
This project is due on Monday, Oct. 14th.
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